Eco Clubs Turtle Monitoring in the Deep South

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Secondary Eco club and Primary Wildlife club were up bright and early Saturday morning to stake out the beaches in the SW corner of Mahe. The big hope was to encounter a nesting hawksbill turtle and given that it was the peak of the season hopes were high. In the back of the minds of the intrepid group was the rare chance of being present at a nest hatching. Despite the endurance of blustering heat and bright sunshine the Eco clubs were unlucky on this occasion but saw plenty of evidence of recent nest sites and at Grand Police missed a nesting by an hour. Maybe we should have got up earlier! Many thanks to Sharon for driving the bus.
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A very Merry Christmas from everyone at ISS Primary!

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The children in Primary were very excited to receive a super-special visitor into their classrooms yesterday – and thanks go to Santa and his amazing helpers for taking the time out of their busy schedules to fit us in!
Santa questioned the children about whether they had been good this year, and many of them explained how they helped at home and listened carefully to mum and dad (yes, apparently they do!), so on the basis of all this evidence, Santa was happy to hand over a gift to each and every class.
Yesterday was a lovely day for all of us, so thank you for your continued support – it really is appreciated 👍😃

Big Cards, Big Messages!

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The children in Primary have been sending messages of Christmas cheer in a BIG way as they all took part in a giant Christmas Card design competition that resulted in 16 over-sized works of art being proudly displayed at school today. The competition winners will be announced tomorrow, but in the meantime here is a collage of all of the entries – absolutely fabulous!

Christmas Fun starts early in Early Childhood!

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Thanks to sponsorship by the PTA, the children in Reception 1, Reception 2, Year 1 and Year 2 are all having a great time at school bouncing their way through Wednesday! The teachers pooled their resources and opted to hire this amazing bouncy castle for the day and as you can see from the photos, it’s proving to be a great idea.
No grown ups allowed, however – we’re all too big 😢!

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