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Year 2S and 2L visit the National History Museum

Children in Year 2 visited the National History Museum. They were looking at the old Creole style houses and studying the artefacts that were used in an old Seychelles kitchen. The children were excited to see the canons and were interested to see ‘La Minerve’ a beautiful model sailing boat. The museum had a lot of different sections to interest […]

Wildlife club and unexpected birds in the Seychelles

The Junior Wildlife club paid a visit to some new wetlands on Perseverance Island. They were lucky to spot the white flamingo there. This bird is rarely seen in Seychelles and may have flown off course. Flamingoes do breed on Aldabra and this flamingo probably arrived from there. It may stay until March if the food supplies stay plentiful. The […]

Worldwide International Schools Day

International Day was celebrated by the Early Childhood Section with a multitude of activities.  All the children chose a country to represent and study and the early morning assembly was a colourful pageant of singing and dancing with the children dressed up in national costumes of their own choice.