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World Book Day & Wildlife Day Success for Sousouri Bannann

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IMG_4566The whole of ISS Primary school got dressed up as animal characters for a fabulous, well attended parade last week. Every child helped decorate the playground with animal bunting, posters and displays and all classes loved parading and dancing in their wonderful costumes. Parents then joined classes to share stories together and many families made generous book donations to help replenish the EC library. Even the local TV crew (SBC news) came along to film our celebrations!


Prior to the actual parade EC children enthusiastically joined in a special Batty Assembly led by Eco Superhero and Head of ISS Wildlife Club Sue Ansell.

Children learnt all about Seychelles’ special bat species, the Seychelles Flying Fox and the Seychelles Sheath-tailed Bat. Year 6 students also learnt more about bats including how and why we should help to protect and conserve them.


The PTA donated the proceeds of their wildlife themed bake sale to conservation efforts for the endemic Seychelles Sheath-tailed Bat Sousouri Bannann. It is now the rarest bat in the world and is critically endangered. Over SR5,500 was raised which has now bought a Bat Echolocation Detector, which will help to locate, monitor and better understand and protect these unique bats and their habitat.

Most Improved Readers Award

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To celebrate our activities in World Book Day 2016 the Primary school have chosen 2 pupils from each class to receive a special certificate in assembly for their efforts with reading this year. We are pleased and proud to announce that the following children have been selected to receive The Most Improved Readers Award!

Well done to:

R1V: Aurelie Bandara/ Hari Patel
R1J: Owen Rowlands/ Nelis Opperman
R2R: Paige Felton/ ChaceDevoud
R2S: Samarveer Khati/Diandra Laporte
1M: Alisa Pepelina/ Adam Delport
1L: Nathan Kolodziel/Hailey Pouponneau
2L: Doyoung Lee/ Uliana Ershova
2S: Elyssa Ernesta Charmaine Katesande
3J: Zoe Kinder/Victor Solstad
3B: Edel Solstad/ Tristan Van Kerkhove
4L: Anniesa Malbrook/Jaedon Doku
4K: Nathan Julie/Priyanshi Bhuva
5M: Daniel Albert/Iman Almagrahi
5N: Fabrice Bouelle/ Riya Pandya
6M: Chloe Laporte/Dean Monthy
6E: Ali Labonte/ Vidhya Pillay

Black Tie Auction Gala Dinner

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12821492_1127912780573422_253145351813587326_nBlack Tie Gala Tickets

We started with 170 tickets and now we have 50 left with just under a week to go…

Grab them whilst you can for what promises to be an amazing evening.

See Accounts at school for tickets.

Quite a few people have expressed an interest in some of the auction items that have been donated to the Black Tie Gala and Auction next Saturday.

One or two people can’t attend so we have come up with a solution. If there is an item that you are interested in bidding on but can’t attend please write down on a piece of paper the item you are interested in, your name, your telephone number and the maximum you would bid on it if at the auction. Seal it in an envelope and make sure it gets to Miss Boughey before Friday 18 March.

We will have somebody bid for you! If you win we will call you to pay and collect at school.

All winning bidders will be expected to honour the final bid costs.

Everyone wins at inter-school history debate

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12814084_956806594357151_5202265454594499241_nThe friendly debate between the Independent and International School of Seychelles (ISS) on Tuesday reached a tie as both teams successfully argued their case. Vadrine Boulle of the Independent School and Karen Doku of the International School were both named best speaker of the debate. Despite there being no winning team the activity served its purpose; to increase inter-school relationships and promote education outside the classroom.

Four students from the International School of Seychelles (ISS) argued the case that the Stalinist regime in Communist USSR was more totalitarian than the Nazi regime in Germany. Students from the Independent School on the other hand argued that Hitler was the more totalitarian ruler.

The debate took place in one of the ISS classrooms on Tuesday afternoon, with several attendees who included students from the two schools, some parents, and teachers. The students started nervously and tentatively, as each speaker took their turn to make their four minute speeches to rest their case. By the time they got to the rebuttals however, the debate had gained momentum and the students became comfortable enough to speak up and present their arguments. Some were more confident than others in public speaking, while some of the less eloquent students had all their facts and figures right.

The debate centered mostly on the very definition of totalitarianism, and how many victims fell to the hands of each leader – used often to measure how dreadful one leader was in comparison to the other. Others still chose to centre their arguments on how much leeway each ruler gave to their followers, and how much of the people’s personal lives were dictated by the totalitarian leaders.

Independent School teacher Selvi Karunakaran and ISS’ English Second Language teacher Tracey Gordon served as judges for the debate and found it difficult to pronounce a winning team. In an effort to keep things fair, the crowd was given the opportunity to ask two history related questions to the debating teams, who would each get one minute to argue their case.

One student asked which leader had a harder time reaching the status of totalitarian dictator, while one teacher asked who was more successful at brainwashing their own population. This exercise helped to see which team could process information quickly and argue their case without any prior preparation.
Still, the judges were torn. Everyone was a winner that day, as the judges called for a tie.

“We appreciated all those who have organized this and all the research and time it took to make this debate happen”, Mrs. Karunakaran said when explaining their reason for calling a tie. “Each team did a great job at preparing and no one seemed nervous. Everyone was confident in their arguments. The International School debated the phrase well, they defended their argument better but the Independent School supported their claims on Hitler successfully as well”, she concluded.

More than just an opportunity for a winning and losing team, this activity served its true purpose; to give students a reason to do extra-curricular work and research and sharpen their public speaking skills outside the classroom. In addition, this was an opportunity for students from both schools to be involved in something constructive and further improve ties between both schools. It is the hope of both schools’ head of History that in the near future public schools will be interested in participating in these activities.

The Independent School students who participated in the debate were Vadrine Boulle, Stephanie Ah-Cheen, and Alissa Manty. The ISS students who participated were Evita Auguste, Karen Doku, Catherine Lodoiska, and the only boy participant – Eric D’Souza.

From Today In Seychelles article by Kathleen Pillay.

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