Mr David Booth

Head of Secondary

David Booth is a dedicated education professional with extensive experience in leadership roles across international schools worldwide. With management positions in schools spanning Thailand, Gran Canaria, Cyprus, Italy, the UK, and Seychelles, David brings a wealth of cross-cultural expertise to his educational leadership.

Equipped with a BA in International Studies and an MA in Education, David’s educational foundation is solidified by ongoing pursuit of a PhD, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Having contributed his skills and insights to schools in diverse locations, from Thailand to Seychelles, David consistently demonstrates his ability to enhance academic standards while fostering inclusive and supportive learning environments. His pragmatic approach to leadership ensures both student achievement and holistic growth.

David’s impact extends beyond classrooms, as he has also contributed his expertise to NOSM University in Canada, underscoring his adaptability and global perspective. His journey reflects a lifelong dedication to advancing education and nurturing global citizenship.