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Environmental Education, Games, Hikes, Snorkelling and Mangroves with GVI and 6M at Port Launay

6M enjoyed 5 excellent sessions with Global Vision International at Port Launay and Bella and the volunteers enlightened the classes with discussions and activities based on adaptation, evolution and mangroves. The outdoor education classes always provide an exceptionally memorable way to teach science and the environment to the students. Ms Meranda and Ms Shabella took the students on the mangrove boardwalk to study the plants there. The walk continued up to the amazing Port Glaud waterfall and here the class enjoyed their picnic while learning about the environment. Markus at the Ephelia hotel also invited us to plant a few Red mangroves and hopefully the students can now use their expertise in our school mangrove nursery where the seeds the students collected are already beginning to flourish. Many thanks to GVI and to Markus and Ephelia resort for delighting the children with their knowledge and games!

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