Welcome from the Principal

On behalf of everyone at International School Association Seychelles, I would like to welcome you to the ISS website. Your visit to our website will provide you with insight into our school, our staff, our students and the programmes we offer. I hope the website will inspire you to visit us in person and participate with us in the advancement of our students to become responsible citizens of the world.

ISS is a non-profit, British-based curriculum school that provides its students with the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and comfortable environment that encourages inquisitiveness, responsiveness to and understanding of others. With over 700 students representing 30 nationalities from Foundation to Year 13 graduation, we are focused through the principle of inclusion, on supporting our students to grow the right attitudes and competences to become well-adjusted citizens of this ever changing world. In the true spirit of our motto “you are not born for yourself, but for the world”, our daily activities are geared towards the involvement of our entire community including teachers, staff, parents, board members and friends of the school in the practice of selflessness and care towards self and others.

The ISS boasts a team of multicultural staff who endeavor through their teaching to expose our multicultural community of students to a range of learning experiences second to none in the Seychelles.  A range of extra-curricular programmes are run with the aim of extending the students’ learning in enjoyable and interesting ways. In our deep commitment to the holistic education of the child, parents and Board of Governors are highly supportive of the school.

Please come for a visit and discover why ISS is a truly amazing school where our students thrive. We look forward to welcoming you.

Margaret Pillay



Mission and Values

‘You are born not for yourself, but for the world…’

The school aims:

  • to promote and maximise the development of each child’s intellectual and academic attributes within a secure and happy environment;
  • to value each child as an individual and to meet his or her educational needs in full;
  • to encourage each child to develop creative and critical thinking and to become adept at problem-solving;
  • to encourage and support the values of self-discipline, responsibility and sociability;
  • to prepare students to lead full and successful lives as future citizens of an increasingly demanding world;
  • to foster an attitude of co-operation in the learning process, within the context of a community school.
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