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Our History

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The school was founded in 1969, as a co-educational, non-profit making organisation. The school is owned by the International School Association, of which every parent of children in the school is automatically a member. The school is recognised and licenced by the Ministry of Education.

Initially the school was established to provide a British-style education for children of expatriates working in the Seychelles. However since 1994 the school has welcomed Seychellois children. Today these children are in the majority with children from over 30 different nationalities also represented. Over the years the school has grown and expanded from primary age children to an all-through school from ages 3-19 years.

The curriculum is based on the UK National Curriculum and offers accredited learning programmes that are internationally recognised. The International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE) is taught in years 10-11 and Advanced Level (A level) is taught from years 12-13. All of these examinations are administered and accredited by the University of Cambridge, UK. The majority of our A level students proceed to undergraduate courses at colleges and Universities around the world on completion of their programme.