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ISS Art Show 2019

The 2nd annual ISS Art Show opened yesterday at the Eden Art Space Gallery, Eden Island showcasing the artistic talent of students from Reception through Primary, Secondary, to IGCSE and A Level. The gallery run by the Arterial Network Seychelles an NGO for local artists, once again hosted the event and the show started with a number of speeches by Mr Martin Kennedy Chairman of Arterial Network, Ms. Madeline Woolfenden Head of Secondary, Mr Frederick Ajode Head of KS2/KS3 Art and Design and Mr Pitman Head of KS4/KS5 Art and Design.
The student work on display includes examples of how pupils have worked in different mediums from painting, drawing, mixed media, etc on range of topics and themes.
Once again thank you to Michella Marzocchi the Gallery Manager for assistance and Michelle Griffith’s, Operations Manager at Arterial for promotion and Martin Kennedy for allowing us to hold the event. Thank you also to the support from the school and staff, from Mr Prince and Board of Governors for funding the drinks and nibbles, transportation of boards and posters by Mr Glenny Stravens and anyone other staff who was involved. Also thank you to Mrs Angie Geehan and Mrs Nicole Chionni from PTA for setting up the food and drinks. Finally a thanks to Mr Ajode and myself (pat on the back) for setting it up.
It takes a lot of work to organise an event, so if you haven’t seen the work, please take the opportunity to see the show and support the students. The show is open to Friday 29th March.

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