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ISS Choir Festival – A Spectacular Evening of Music

ISS is proud to have hosted a spectacular and successful first ever inter-organizational/schools choir festival which took place on the 2nd February at ICCS. The festival was the school’s first ever initiative which aims at bringing all the Seychelles’ communities, musicians of any age together to promote choral and music education in the country. The school Principal, Mrs. Pillay, opened the show with an inspiring speech reminding the audience about several benefits of music education stating that “Listening to music boosts the immune system, reduces anxiety and pressure. It improves a child’s verbal, communication and visual skills. Music on a community level is a language of the soul. It breaks boundaries and barriers. Music unites people of all backgrounds”.

The Mayor of Victoria, David Andre, welcomed the audience and the junior choir opened the show with an expressive piece “hallelujah” to outstanding reception from the audience members. We would like to express special thanks to our guest choirs: Ministry of Health choir, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change choir, Choral and Music Society of Seychelles choir and finally the guest choir National Choir of Seychelles for all the efforts they put in during the preparations. In attendance was also the Principal Secretaries for Culture, Benjamine Rose and Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Alain de Commarmond.

We are also very proud of our staff choir performance who sang wonderfully, ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ followed by the senior choir with their debut performances showcasing many talents. To close the festival the ISS junior choir performed with great style two calypso hit songs of the year, Amavolovolo and Janie mama.

Mr. Chitambo would like to thank all the parents for their support given during all the rehearsals, Mr. Martin, our Master of ceremony, who did a wonderful job, and all the staff behind the scenes and front of house, in various roles to assist for the event. Many thanks also go to the SBC television, which filmed the event.

Congratulations to all the ISS choir members for a wonderful and memorable show, for your passion and love for music and your dedication and discipline. We look forward to inviting you all to our second episode next year.

Thank you for your continued support.