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Lights Camel Action!

This action packed nativity ‘ Lights, camel, action!’ had a jam-packed cast of nativity celebrities who celebrated Jesus’ birth with a dazzling dance show . Personalities, included some funky camels, the population of Nazareth, innkeepers, shepherds with their sheep, kings, angels, stars and a disco star, came together again to recall their roles in the miraculous story. The talented Early Childhood children demonstrated dance styles ranging from tango to line dancing and ballet to disco. The judges produced the scores and the Year 2 children hosted the show to much applause from parents and friends in a packed audience at the International Conference Centre Seychelles.

Congratulations to all the EC children and staff who put together this amazing celebration for this year’s show. Thanks to the parents for the fabulous costumes, the P.T.A. for their help with scenery and ticket sales and to the ICCS staff without whom there would have been no sounds or lights!

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