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Losing their Heads in History

Year 8 recently brought the French Revolution alive in Miss Boughey and Mrs Delharte’s History lessons at the ISS. Following on from their learning about Maximillien Robespierre and the Reign of Terror in France during the 18th century the students were encouraged to flex their creativity, with a
little help from some parents, and recreated the most efficient method of execution during that era for homework over half term – the guillotine. Most students embraced this challenge with a passion and both Year 8 classes produced some outstanding replicas of the guillotines and as the pictures
illustrate some were even in efficient working order – without real blades of course!

1066 – Deaths, Battles, Elections and the Odd Cake!

Miss Daniella’s Year 7 classes were getting to grips with the events of 1066 in History lessons in the
first half term. Their lessons on ‘Who Should be King in 1066?’ culminated in two very exciting and
animated classroom elections when students formed their own political parties and ran campaigns
to get one of the four claimants to the English throne elected. These election campaigns were
a closely run contest and at any point Harold Godwinson, Harald Hardraada, Edgar Aetheling
or William Duke of Normandy could have been elected – the students learnt a lot about voting
processes, writing speeches, campaign work, key historical figures and even how to bribe their
fellow classmates with cake to try and earn their votes!!!