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Our Aims and Ethos

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‘You are born not for yourself, but for the world…’

The ISS vision, motto and values underpin the activities of the school.


ISS is an inclusive community, where children and staff foster love for learning, and continuously contribute to the local and global community.


Determination: We are courageous in the pursuit of quality education for our holistic development and achievement of success.

Passion: We commit ourselves to high standards of performance and deliver with great enthusiasm. We continuously encourage a life-long desire for learning within our students.

Respect and Tolerance: We show compassion and care to everyone and in all we do.  We show great concern, especially for those in need.

Community: we strive to support each member of our community. We endeavour to ensure an atmosphere of inclusion where each is made to feel as a valuable part of our family. We do our best to support each team member in their effort to achieve their highest potential.

Integrity: We commit ourselves to high standards of ethics and accountability. We endeavour to respect our policies. We use real-life data for informed decision making whilst remaining sensitive to the needs of our students.

Optimism: We remain confident in our mission and we strive to be innovative in our approach to teaching and learning. We are confident that our endeavours make a difference to the individual student and the community at large.

ISS chant

ISS is the best!
We will stand to any test!
Other teams will go to rest!
ISS is the best!