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International school Seychelles is proud to have hosted its first ever end of year show presented to a full capacity crowd at the International Conference Centre Seychelles on 20th June. The show was the Music Department’s first ever initiative which aimed at bringing all children years 1-8 together to showcase their musical skills and talents developed since the inception of the department in school. The show also launched the school’s first ever Orchestra and various ensembles. Mr. John Prince welcomed the audience, while the Board of Governor Chairperson; Ms Laura Valabhji gave inspiring closing remarks.

Present on the evening was the Honorable Mayor of Victoria, David Andre as well as His Excellency Ex- President of Seychelles Michel.

Mr. John Chitambo (Head of the Music Department) would like to thank all the parents for the continuous support throughout the rehearsals and further invite you all to look forward to future performance events. Many thanks also go to SBC for the coverage.

Android Controlled Robot

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Year 8 Hackers and Makers club members Mikhail Rudchenko and Ronan Varsani have made a fully independent robot, controllable from an Android mobile phone.

Using small stepper motors and wheels from a hacked lego mindstorm robot, the boys have produced a powerful remote controlled device.

A raspberry pi computer is used to receive the blue-tooth commands from an android phone. The boys used the python programming language to process the signals and then provide output to the powerful stepper motors that drive the wheels. Two small 9 volt batteries provide the power for both the raspberry pi computer and motors.

Mr Scales said this is exactly what the hackers and makers club is all about. Combining technology such as Android phones, Raspberry pis and python programming with some basic electronics can lead to some great projects such as this one.

World Environment day with the EC section of ISS

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June 5th was World Environment Day – a day when our focus turns to the impact we’re having on the environment and how we can clean up the planet. Children in EC took part in various activities inside and outside school. Year One children planted trees at
phelia Hotel and Year Two focused on the school environment. In class many different ways of using recycled materials were explored. Reception Two children took part in a ‘Clean up the world’ event around Stad Populaire where they picked up 20 kilos of rubbish in an hour! Wildlife club children organized a Bring and Buy sale in aid of the SSPCA and Early Childhood participated by recycling old books, toys and games. A very busy and rewarding week for the EC section which ended with a talk by Ben Taylor from Wise Oceans who spoke to the KS1 children about Coral Reefs. Let’s hope our young students will be able to ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ and help ‘Save our Planet’ in the future.

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