Canine Concerns

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Following this weeks successful Bring and Buy sale at the ISS, the Wildlife club visited SSPCA (Seychelles Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), at their new headquarters (Phase 1) at the reclaimed land north of the airport. Dr. Maria, the resident vet welcomed the children and parents present and detailed the aims and objectives and hopes for the future. The centre houses many dogs and puppies, some cats and kittens and even an injured baby giant tortoise the size of a child’s hand!
Our potential vets-to-be in the Wildlife Club were delighted to meet the centre’s residents and our morning visit resulted in 2 of the dogs being
rehomed. In the near future there will be a website with details of all abandoned animals and facilitating them to a loving home. Our fundraising
total was 6225 SCR and this was welcomed to help purchase medication and food for all the needy orphans. Many thanks to all who participated.
Anyone who wishes to help further should contact SSPCA at 2710088


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The U12 and U15 Volleyball teams travelled to Praslin on Wednesday to play Volleyball in their indoor sport centre. The first to play were the seniors. They did not start off very well, but mustered up some courage and fought back hard to win the game 2 sets to 1. A special mention needs to be made about Ronan Versani who served like a champion, and gained many points for his team.

The U12’s were watching and cheering enthusiastically, and learning from observing the seniors. When it came to their match, they fought hard and their efforts were superb. Every aspect you want to see in your child gaining grit, tenacity and determination was on display during their match. Unfortunately they were beaten by a more skillful team and lost 3 sets to 0.

Today was truly a special day. Not only playing these Volleyball matches but the whole tour itself. VISP and ourselves certainly want to build on our schools relationships, and have many more sports matches against each other. I would like to thank the players parents for making this trip possible, and a special thanks to Mr Tim Horpinitch for coming along to help with the Juniors.

Beat Plastic Pollution

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Inspired by this years UN Environments incentive to beat plastic pollution worldwide, International school’s Reception 2 classes (like many other children across the globe) donned their gloves, grabbed their litter pickers and headed out determined to ‘clean up the world’!

In just over 90 minutes our eager 4/5 year olds collected over 20 Kilograms of rubbish – that’s the same weight as 167 plantain bananas did you know! This included glass bottles, takeaway boxes, shoes, food wrappers, plastic bags and hundreds of bottle tops! We spent the rest of our World Environment Day 2018 educating ourselves about the importance of recycling and the damage rubbish and pollution has on animals, environments and humans.

Well done Reception 2. Keep up the good work by recycling the rubbish and pollution in your local community and it’s beaches.

Clean up the beach at Anse Gaulette

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Students, teachers and parents of ISS worked together with The Ocean Project , SIF and Global Partners to clean up the beach at Anse Gaulette. In our 1 hour of cleaning up, together we stopped over 200 kg of rubbish from entering the oceans. Rubbish consisted predominantly of plastics and included 180+ plastic bottles, 140+ plastic utensils, 60 plastic straws, and 150 balloons, to name but a few. Many thanks to all those who participated.

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