ISS preparing students for the digital world.

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Students complete Code Club modules meanwhile, Hackers and Makers begin work using Raspberry Pi computers.

Excellent progress is being made in the two clubs being run by the computer science department. In Code Club, which takes place every lunch-time, students are achieving certificates in computer programming. Complete beginners in coding can join the club as students work at their own pace on the programming tasks. The tasks themselves are fun and visual and often involve making games. Students can quickly progress to more professional languages such as python, html and css.


” Mikhail Rudchenko receiving his certificate from Mr Scales.The other coders present are Saai Sreeraam, Federico Tatoni, Aryan Patel and Dhruv Brahmbhatt ”






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The Art Show Private View yesterday was a great success, enjoyed by students, parents, staff and some local artists, with some fantastic, lovely and talented work on display, from Year 4, right up to IGCSE and A Level.

The Art Department would like to thank all those who supported us in putting together the wonderful Art Show at the Eden Art Space. To the children who produced the wonderful art on display, the ISS staff who covered lessons, Glenny Stravens, support staff and maintenance staff, SLT, Board of Governors, PTA and Mamma Mia. Arterial Network for lending us their gallery space, including helping us to set up and with publicity and promotion. Angelique Hill in Year 12 along with Fatma Edmond for taking photos and anyone else involved, thank you.

If you haven’t been yet please take time to visit the Art Show at the Eden Art Space with your friends and family, the student’s work is on show until Friday 16th March.

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Tree Frog Trek!

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Members of the Wildlife club hiked 1000 metres into the Salazie trail from La Misere with the hope of capturing some Seychelles tree frog tadpoles. The spawn is laid on trees or foliage above water and the enthusiastic enviromentalists were delighted to find a stream full of large Seychelles tree frog tadpoles.

Mature females will grow to 3 inches long and are bright green while the males are smaller and brown. Most of the tadpoles were released but some were taken to school where the development stages will be observed before returning the froglets to their place of birth.

Well done to everyone!

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