Cressida Cowell writes to ISS Juniors!

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“Thankee keedlee fora givin’ me a rite” which is Dragonese for “Thanks for the letter”

We have just received a hand made card from famous author Cressida Cowell thanking us for our work during Dragonese Week, last year in October! If you can remember that far back, we celebrated Dragonese week with lots of writing, reading, art and craft activities based on the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ books, as well as watching a live author interview with Cressida and had a fantastic screening of the movie.

We can only wonder why the letter has taken so long to arrive … maybe Toothless had trouble finding us to deliver it out here in the Indian Ocean!

 A copy of the card is on the Junior section notice board.
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Moyenne Island – a visit by Year 2 pirates

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Children, parent helpers and teachers set sail from Marine Charter on the good ship Annahita, courtesy of Mason’s Travel, to Moyenne Island.  Much to the children’s delight Pirate Simon appeared on board and the young pupils waved their fists in greetings (as pirates do!).

Everyone enjoyed an adventurous exploration of the jungle paradise island, visiting the pirates’ graves, the lookout point and encountering many free roaming giant tortoises.  The soaring temperatures  sapped the strength of the intrepid pirates who somehow still managed to uncover the hidden treasure.

Thanks to the Moyenne Island Foundation for allowing us to have yet another great day on Pirate Brendon Grimshaw’s legacy.

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Hat Parade and Easter Eggs

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With Easter looming large the Early Childhood Department had a ‘double whammy’ early celebration with decorated eggs and a hat parade.  A colourful variety of headwear was on display on Friday March 27th.  Children and parents totally immersed themselves in the projects as can be seen in this photo montage.

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