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Peace Walk for Climate Action 21st September

ISS staff, parents and students joined local schools, eco clubs and NGOs on both North and South Peace walks for World International Peace Day. Saturday 21st September the International Day of Peace coincided with global demonstrations of a similar nature from Svalbard in the Arctic Circle to Antipodean islands in the Southern oceans. Placards with slogans designed by the students encouraged people to conserve energy and water, to use less imported foodstuffs, not to drop litter and always to Reduce, reuse, recycle!

In the south the intrepid group walked 6 km from Anse Aux Pins to the University campus and in the north from Bel Ombre to the Peace Park. After the walking students rallied in the University grounds and enjoyed the Peace Park with its stalls, activities and speeches.

Well done all participants!



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