Student Leadership Team 2020


Head Girl

Steffie-Ann Monthy

Head Boy

Theo Barois

Deputy Head Girl

Heemani Patel

Deputy Head Boy

Dhruv Brahmbhatt

Y12 Ambassador

Wasim Toorawa

Media and Communications

Keith Rouillon

Soumesh Satheesan


Fangyi Liao

Sports Officers

Jean-Yves Vel

Matthew Walker

Nicole Adam

Laurent Morin

House Captains

Ayush Rai

Danielle Larue

Mary Morin

Raman Karunanithy

Student Council President Ranudi Kudellage
Model UN Lead Ambassador

Keya Patel

Academic Coach

Kelvin Zhu

Events Committee

Anjali Tamboo

Michelle Sedgwick

Angelica Chionni

Estelle Hoareau

Arun Nedumpalli

Kyra Arnephy

Andrea Bristol

Michelle Johnston

Events Support Team

Emily Lucas

Cherry-Lynne Chang-Yunn

Katsiaryna Zapuniaka

Kathleen Walker

Giorgia Saunders


All sixth form students are expected to undertake prefect duties. These include supervision of younger students at break and lunch time, organising inter-house competitions and helping maintain sporting, library and computer facilities. The school nominates one boy and one girl to serve as Head Boy and Head Girl. In addition to standard prefect duties the posts carry additional responsibilities such as representing the school at official functions.

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