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Primary School Life

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Desks, floors and any open space is often covered with material that the students are using to work out concepts and to consolidate learning.

In the case of the concept of Reflection.

Critical reflection paper is a must like a cherry onto of an ice-cream .
The many and varied resources that we have help the process by:
1. Students are able to describe an experience – provide some details on an object or an event.
2. Students can examine the experience – integrate personal and academic contexts into the experience.
3. Provide in-depth analysis of those experiences through drawing or other visible thinking strategies that we use in Primary.
4. Relate to other students what they have learned after reflecting on the process.
5. To consolidate how what they have just experienced through he reflective process to ensure that it will be useful in the future.

As a parent you may try asking your child the following questions:
*What surprised you today, and why?
*What’s the most important thing you learned today? …
*What do you want to learn more about, and why?
*When were you the most creative, and why do you think that is?
*What made you curious today?