In years 3, 4, 5 and 6, students follow curricula based upon the key stage 2 National Curriculum for England and Wales.  This extends upon the work of the Early Childhood section ensuring good progression and continuity.

The section aims to consolidate and extend the work of the Early Childhood section, ensuring good progression and continuity.

The curriculum places a strong emphasis on the teaching of English and Mathematics.  Additionally, well-defined and balanced programs are provided for Science, Information Technology, French, Humanities, Fine Arts and Physical Development.

The curriculum and learning environments foster the intellectual, social, physical and emotional development of each child.  This is achieved through involvement in purposeful, relevant and challenging activities in individual and group learning contexts.

Teachers maintain high expectations of achievement, effort and cooperation from their students.  The approach aims to develop socially competent, self-motivated children who share a love of learning.

Students learn to express themselves through language, arts and numbers, while acquiring the range of formal techniques that make this possible.  They learn to be attentive and analytical listeners, to understand what they read, and to be comfortable with information, particularly when using computers.

Students receive specialist tuition for French, ICT and Physical Education, whilst other subjects are the responsibility of dedicated class teachers.

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