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Robin’s Christmas Sing Along

The International Conference Centre was packed to the rafters on Tuesday December 4th as the Early Childhood Section staged their Christmas extravaganza ‘Robin’s Christmas Sing-Along’

 All the children took part in the show and the story was about a little robin who really wanted to sing. On his journey  through the countryside he met a marching band (Reception Two), animals in the manger(Year 2L), children at a party (Year 2S), some carol singers (Year One) and a lot of beautiful stars (Reception One). 

The narrators from Year Two told the story and the little robin played by Ariel flitted about the stage singing melodiously.  Our soloists Nathan and Paris sang a very sad song called ‘Christmas Never comes’ and all the children rounded off the evening by singing enthusiastically ‘All around the world’ one of our old favourites.

Many thanks to the parents for providing some delicious snacks to eat after the show and to the P.T.A. for serving drinks, selling and preparing the tickets and programmes.  A special thank you to the parents and staff who helped Ms. Amalia to organize and put up the wonderful decorations for this production.