School Fees

(effective September 2015)


Primary Secondary
Reception 1 – 2 SR 11,214 per term Year 7 – 11 SR 19,908 per term
Year 1 – 6 SR 15,750 per term Year 12 – 13 SR 21,420 per term

Fees for R1-Yr.9 are levied on a one-year basis and divided by three to give a ‘per term’ payment.

Fees for Years 10/11 (IGCSE) and 12/13 (A-Level) are levied for the whole two year programme and divided by six to give a ‘per term’ payment. This means that the full term’s fees are due for each term in each of these programmes, even though examinations may largely replace teaching in some terms.

SR 1000 Secures the place of a child on the waiting list.
SR 12,500
SR 10,500
for first child.
for second child and each subsequent child.
SR 10,000 The deposit is recorded against the child’s name and
is refundable when that child leaves the school.
SR 1,500 ISS is a registered not-for-profit Association of Parents.
Membership is SR 1,500 per family
per academic year, and is due for payment on 1st September.
There is no refund for families leaving during the academic year.

The Enrolment Fee, Deposit, Association Membership and the first term’s Tuition Fee are due on admission, and should be paid before the child’s first day at school.
Tuition fees are due for payment by the start of each term.

Refund Policy
Refund of the Enrollment Fee shall only be made where the child in respect of whom the Enrollment Fees have paid did not start schooling at all and one month notice is given prior to the start of the term. Refund of the Enrollment Fee shall not be made in any other case.
Refund of the Deposit shall be made where the child never starts schooling or where the child stops schooling at any time in the school year or where the child completes schooling. Refund of Deposit is subject to deduction of any debt to ISS, including any outstanding fees.


Refund of the Tuition Fee shall be made in the following cases
a. IN FULL where notice that the child is to stop schooling is given at least one month before the start of the term which the child was to attend but then does not attend; or
b. PRO RATA where notice that the child is to stop schooling is given at least one month before the start of the term which the child attends partly;
c. PRO RATA where one month notice is given during the school term that the child is to stop schooling in that same term provided that the child is to stop schooling before or during the half term of the said term.


Waiting List and the ‘Sibling Rule’
Children are placed on a waiting list if there is no space available at the time of registration.
Completion of the enrolment forms and payment of the SR 1000 Registration Fee secures the place of the child on the waiting list.
Children move up the list in strict order, as places become available.
However, priority is given to families who already have children in the school (brothers or sisters to the child waiting). This is known as the ‘Sibling Rule’.

You can download a pdf copy of the above fee structure by clicking here.

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