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It is expected that students dress appropriately for school.

For Primary

The school uniform is a blue school polo shirt.  Navy school shorts or skorts or skirts.  The minimum skirt length is three fingers above the knee.

Footwear, which should be smart and safe, should as much as possible reflect the colours of the uniform.  Flip flops are not acceptable.

The PE uniform is Navy blue sport shorts, house T-shirt and the appropriate sports footwear

Girls should wear one-piece swimwear for swimming classes and swimming events.

Students are expected to have clean and well-presented hairstyles.

Safety protocol should always be respected for PE lessons, Drama and Lab work.

The following Jewellery is acceptable

  • One bracelet for religious reasons only
  • One chain or necklace worn inside the shirt for religious reasons only
  • one pair of studs or small earrings in the ear lobe


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