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Wildlife Encounters with the Wildlife club in the Botanical Gardens

Excitedly the Year 3 and 4 members of the Wildlife club went off on a field trip to visit the wildlife in the Botanical gardens. The adventure started with a crocodile march – 2 by 2 along to the gardens where we were met by Ian our guide. First stop was the Tortoise enclosure where the students were very happy to meet up with some Aldabra giant tortoises many of them rescued from unsuitable homes. The reptiles were also glad to see the students bearing gifts of leaves and we met the oldest inhabitant who is 99 years old. Many of the pupils had never seen terrapins before so this was a magical moment to see their little heads popping up in the ponds. We carried on into the park and after clapping our hands hundreds of bats took flight – many of them carrying mangos. We finished our tour by spotting dragonflies and geese in the ponds. A very successful outing where we encountered a multitude of living things reptiles, mammals, birds and insects.



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