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Worldwide International Schools Day

International Day was celebrated by the Early Childhood Section with a multitude of activities.  All the children chose a country to represent and study and the early morning assembly was a colourful pageant of singing and dancing with the children dressed up in national costumes of their own choice.

 The assembly took place in the Early Childhood playground where all the staff and students participated in the show.  The singing was fantastic, as was the artwork in the EC lunch area and the pupils thoroughly deserved the loud applause they received.



The children sang songs from all around the world.  Our first action song was from England – a Somerset Folk song.






The African dancers from 2S put on a good show





The children brought food from all around the world and the children were able to taste Spanish Tortilla, Russian soup, South African delicacies , Indian sweets and African tatale.  Many thanks to all the parents for supporting this exciting day. Students and staff all enjoyed their International Party Picnic.

Activities during the day were based on  each country that Early Childhood children had chosen .  Year 2S did some beautiful African Art and  Miss Mary’s class made American peanut butter sandwiches.  Miss Janice’s class made Eiffel towers out of clay. All the students had a great day.  A big thank you to all the staff for making the day such an exciting one for their pupils and thanks again to the parents who helped with the dancing, cooking and art work.