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Year 2 Trip to Pirate Island

The Year 2 Pirates visited Moyenne Island on Friday 28th March. Accompanied by Pirate Simon and Captain Danny of the good ship Anahita. The crew comprising of Year 2S and 2L pupils sailed from Port Victoria to arrive on the island in good time for a snack. After this the children explored the island and were amazed to find giant tortoises roaming wild. The many endemic plants and trees on the island were planted by Pirate Brendan Grimshaw who was the owner of the island for 40 years.

He had been a good friend to ISS and would have been pleased to see so many enthusiastic children enjoying the island which has been a National Park since 2008. In 2012 the island was bequeathed to the Moyenne Island Foundation society which is a non- profit NGO and they are responsible for the islands management.

The children looked for treasure and found the treasure chest near the main house. The wardens showed the children baby turtles and tortoises and the day ended with lunch on the beach, sandcastle building and football. Tired but happy students returned to Mahe in the catamaran kindly provided by Mason’s travel. Many thanks to them and to all the parent helpers. Read the full story to see more pictures!