Mr Ashish Bhatnagar


Ashish has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) specializing in Information Technology and Marketing from Amity University, Noida India. He also has a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) ShreeSatya Sai University in India and an APGDCA in Computer Science and a B.Com.

Ashish is also a University of Cambridge certified moderator & teacher of Computer Studies and has won several awards for his contributions in the field of Education including being voted the Best Progressive Principal in the International EduSummit and EduAwards held in India in 2018.

Ashish has 2 decades of experience in various positions of responsibilities ranging from Heads of Departments, Exams Officer, Technical Administrator to Principal.

He has over 12 years of international experience having worked in different countries such as Saudi Arabia, Malawi, China and India.

Ashish has also had several of his articles published in various publications such as Teacher Horizons, Teacher’s Pride, Unique Education Journal, One2all and The Digest.

He has held various offices in clubs such as Secretary to the Rotary club of Bwalia and of Udaipur Heritage and Chairman of the Central Region Cricket Club as well as headed the Disciplinary Committee of the Lilongwe Cricket League.

Ashish is a keen volunteer in community service and enjoy reading, travelling, writing and playing cricket, badminton and volleyball.