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20 Years of Celebrating World Book Day Around the World!

World Book Day and World Wildlife Day 2017 were celebrated in style on Friday 3rd March at ISS. Every student from Reception 1 up to Year 6, and some students in Year 7, dressed as their favourite book characters and paraded in front of parents and families. Each class and the inclusion department commemorated 20 Years of World Book Day celebrations by each creating a life size book cover. Everyone enjoyed seeing the 20 huge book covers get carried through the parade, showing off some of the many amazing books we love to read. Parents then enjoyed sharing stories with their children back in class and the students carried out ‘booky’ activities throughout the day. Thanu from 1M enjoyed sharing his book and sold them in the school playground, generously donating a third of profits to help with the development of the school’s wildlife garden. One child in each class was also awarded the annual ‘Most Improved Reader’ award to recognise their fantastic effort to improve their reading ability.
Most improved readers:
R1J – Pavithra Velmurugan
R1V – Andrea Visvanathan
R2R -Mia Ma-Low
R2S – Nidhy Pradaa
1L – Dominic Valmont
1M – Sean Charles
2L -Yara Abdul Hafeez
2S – Nishan Singh
3J – Joao Do Nascimento Damascenco
3B – Samiksha Pillay
4C – Jasmine Bibi
4L – Vina Pillay
5M – Gianmatteo Ricci
5N – Zara Esparon
6M – Emmanuel Okoth
6E – Alara Gunay
Thanks to the many contributions from parents, the PTA ran a successful bake sale to raise funds for the creation of a wildlife garden in the school grounds, a whopping SR 8679.50 was raised. We also had around 75 book donations to help replenish the EC and main library. A great day was had by everyone as you can see by the photos!

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