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Safeguarding is defined as “protecting children from maltreatment, preventing impairment of health and/or development, ensuring that children grow up in the provision of safe and effective care and have the best life chances”.

All children have the right to feel safe. Therefore, at International School Seychelles, we believe in supporting all aspects of each child’s development and learning, and in keeping children safe. We understand that the emotional and social aspects create a foundation for all academic learning: if a child has not been supported to understand, express and resolve their feelings, they may not have the ability to concentrate on learning, share with other children or resolve conflicts on a day to day basis. Instead frustration may result, manifesting in anti-social behaviour or becoming overly compliant or withdrawn.

ISS aims to ensure that:

  • Children, young people and staff feel listened to, valued and respected.
  • All staff become aware of indicators of abuse and are confident in sharing their concerns appropriately following the Child Protection procedure.
  • All staff will receive support and training as a means of safeguarding and protecting children from abuse.


Our safeguarding team consists of:

  • A Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • A Primary Child Protection Officer
  • A Secondary Child Protection Officer


Mr Andrew Middleton

Mr Andrew Middleton

Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Kate Benoiton

Mrs Kate Benoiton

Primary Child Protection Officer
Ms Merna Mondon

Ms Merna Mondon

Secondary Child Protection Officer