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The Co-Curriculum-Primary

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Co-curricular activities bring social skills, intellectual skills, moral values and personality progress of character, which has great appeal to students. At ISS in Primary it includes athletics, cultural events, Library activities, science activities, classroom homework clubs, creative arts and meditation

In Primary, we have a student council that meets once a week on a Wednesday morning to voice out their suggestions and arrange events. We encourage school sports teams, math clubs, chess clubs, talent shows, spelling bees, writing competitions, debates, and a school newspaper.

The value of Co-curriculum activities helps to improve the learning experiences of students. It assists with the development of identity and exposes inner talents like public-speaking skills, which lead to leadership qualities,

Co-curriculum activities create an opportunity for reinforcing the lessons learned during class time by connecting to the outside world through their academic skills. In Primary, we encourage critical thinking strategies in problem solving, communication, and collaborative abilities with their peers.