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Early Childhood

Play is essential to a child’s intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and emotional development and therefore is valued as being a child’s work. Children also bring a variety of experiences and competencies to the school setting and then we build on their existing achievements whilst maintaining high expectations.

We recognise that the parents are the first educators and we encourage our parents to be involved in their child’s continued learning and there is also an emphasis on the child playing an active role.

The aims of Early Childhood (3-7 years of age) are:

  • To plan, resource and implement a clearly focused, development appropriate Early Childhood curriculum which takes into account of early skills and concepts identified in the UK National Curriculum.
  • To provide a child centred learning environment where the child feels safe and secure.
  • To ensure that children are given opportunities to develop their learning through play.
  • To facilitate learning through appropriate quality adult interaction, observations and individual assessment.
  • To liaise closely with parents/guardians to welcome them in to school and to encourage a strong partnership between home and school.
  • To encourage children to develop independence
  • To encourage children to explore and experiment, be creative, make choices and decisions and to experience success and pleasure in learning.
  • To develop language and numeracy competence.
  • To develop positive self-images in children .
  • To develop an awareness and respect for the culture and lifestyle of others.
  • To develop a sense of belonging and community.
  • To develop the ability to relate positively to an increasing number of adults and peers.
  • To develop a child’s ability to resource activities and use equipment and supplies in a responsible manner.