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Our Class Teacher System-Primary

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The role of the Teacher is central to a rounded ISS education. Teachers are an integral part of the students’ lives and play a vital role in association with Phase Leaders. Teachers thus make a vital contribution to the school’s pastoral provision and ensure that every student has an adult taking a close interest in them over an extended period.


The teacher oversees the student’s academic progress and fosters their development and general well-being. They can also be important points of contact for parents who may wish to raise issues or concerns about their child.


We aim to promote and protect different personalities, talents and interests and to inculcate a culture of mutual respect. Within the form group, communal values are stressed, yet students also have their independence and privacy within that community.


A Teacher meets their students every morning as a form group for registration, and teaches them PSD once a week. During this time the Teacher plays an important part in helping a student to settle, in advising them about how to use their time well, and in guiding them in the making of important choices.