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Mrs Kate Benoiton

Mrs Kate Benoiton

Child Protection Officer
Ms Merna Mondon

Ms Merna Mondon

Deputy Child Protection Officer

At ISS, student’s safety is paramount. The Child Protection Policy and Procedures at ISS ensure that the welfare and safety of all students remains a priority.

If a child makes a disclosure that they have been significantly harmed, are thought to have been harmed or are at risk from harm, the school has a duty of care to act in a manner, which is line with Seychelles law and national guidelines to maintain the child’s safety.

All staff at ISS have received training in Child Protection to equip them with the skills to identify and pass possible concerns to the Child Protection Officer. The Child Protection Officer then works with the School Principal to assess the level of risk and intervene ideally to minimise this risk. This intervention may mean passing information in the form of making a referral to external agencies to undertake an investigation to ensure the child is safe.

For further information contact on: kate.benoiton@iss.sc