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Big Draw Results 2015

 The wait has been long, the tension has mounted, the judges have deliberated, the ‘Art’ gods consulted and now the results you have all been waiting for………………………. For the most artistically talented First Place – Amanda Amade Year 8 Second Place –  Brooke Suleman Year 10 Third Place – Satya Moodely Year 4 Fourth Place – Sofia Ershova Year 7 […]

Parental Involvement Framework

Parental involvement is a broad term and includes such things as good parenting, helping with homework, serving on school councils, Boards and committees, communicating and meeting with teachers and volunteering in the classroom or on school trips. All forms of parental involvement are beneficial. In every form, parental involvement in education shows children that their parents care about what they […]

Association AGM 2015 Information and Date

Dear Association Members, This afternoon (10th November 2015) you should have received an email from Mrs.Edmond, PA to the association, to all association members email addresses that we have on record(not all parent email accounts) regarding the Annual General Meeting of the International School Association which will be held at the International School in the Main Hall on Tuesday 1st […]