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Stars Of The Week Meet with Principal

The eight Junior stars of this week were nominated for excellence in Maths, spelling, writing great similes and metaphors, singing, taking great care of their personal belongings and showing commitment to their studies. As the eight youngsters conversed with the Principal over Juice and snacks they shared dreams of how they wish their future to be. The Principal reassured them […]

Junior stars of the week meet the Principal

8 proud students from the Junior section joined the Principal for morning break as they showed off their newly acquired status of stars of the week. This programme is in place to recognize excellence, effort, attitude and innovation and is awarded weekly during the Friday assembly. Meeting with the Principal involved sharing about each child’s field of excellence, their club […]

Outstanding results for ISS swim team!

The ISS swim team took part in the National Aged Open Swimming Championships at the Roche Caimon Swimming pool with outstanding results.  The three day event took place from Friday afternoon, 28th October, Saturday morning and afternoon, 29th October with the final competition on Sunday morning 30th October.  Students as young as six years old took part and our younger […]