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GOOD NEWS GOOD NEWS- Yes we did it!!! Congratulations to our vibrant staff choir for making it to the top 10 finalist of the SBC – “sing for charity” organization choir competition. As a school we live for our community. Like our moto says “you are not born for yourself but the world” We are very proud to be part […]

Big Draw Event at Eden Art Space

This past Saturday four ISS students took part in the Arterial network’s “Big Draw event at the Eden Art space. They were Angele Gordon, Arth Ashish Shah, Frederic Pitman, and Keya Patel. They started the session with a flip-book animation challenge. Next they graduated to stop motion animation where they practised hands-on character generation, story-boarding and finally shot two brief […]

Art Trip

On Monday 6th November, twelve year 10 Art students visited the Botanical Gardens to investigate natural forms. This forms the beginning of their IGCSE coursework. They were briefly encouraged by a warm downpour but managed to complete several pieces of Art in situ. They were supervised by Mr. Ajode and Ms. Gordon. Click on the >> to see more pictures.