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Junior Christmas Show

Tuesday 5th December was a spectacular opportunity for all children across the junior school to show parents, friends and the local community what Christmas means to ISS. Children participated in individual class songs, whole section ensembles and the Year 4 students blew us away with their spellbinding performance of Children around the World’ showing how Christmas is celebrated with varying […]

ISS Music Department Visit to Praslin

It was on the early morning of the 1st December, 2017, with calm cloud and the ocean was very friendly. Children had long waited for this day to come. And yes it came. The Catcoco was waiting for us and the captain finally started the engine. Before we realized we were in the middle of the ocean seeing the beautiful […]

Lights Camel Action!

This action packed nativity ‘ Lights, camel, action!’ had a jam-packed cast of nativity celebrities who celebrated Jesus’ birth with a dazzling dance show . Personalities, included some funky camels, the population of Nazareth, innkeepers, shepherds with their sheep, kings, angels, stars and a disco star, came together again to recall their roles in the miraculous story. The talented Early […]