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Seychelles Ocean Festival winners

This year ISS was happy to receive two first prizes in the Seychelles Ocean Festival competition. First Prize in the Secondary Art Category wasgiven to. Amanie Arnephy who was presented with a snorkelling kit and course as well as a gift voucher and certificate for her beautiful underwater painting. The theme this year was ‘Coral Reefs, our underwater rainforest’ and […]

Beau Vallon Beach Blitz

ISS community joined with Ocean Project Seychelles and Seychelles Tourism Board with the daunting task of cleaning up the 2 km stretch of Beau Vallon beach as part of the Ocean Festival week activities. 220 kilograms of rubbish was collected, much of it hidden in the beach crest. The willing volunteers (parents and students alike) shared the task at hand […]

Rehab Revisited

Following 4L’s frolics in the south of the island the rest of year 4 were avidly anticipating a similar experience and 4C arrived at the Banyan tree Animal Rehabilitation Centre to find that the previous patients in the terrapin jacuzzis had a new lease of life and now had access to a land, pond and river system thanks to a […]