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International School Seychelles Presents

Friends In Music Concert – at Vijay International School, Praslin

Dear Parents/Guardians & Friends,

The development and nurturing of musical skills in children comes with motivation and practical experience. It is the role of parents, Music educators and schools to ensure they create different opportunities for students to interact with other students across the border to enhance music learning, appreciation and development.

To welcome this year’s festive season, our school choir, Djembe drumming and traditional ensembles will be visiting the Vijay international school for what we anticipate to be one of the exciting music Concert.

The concert is scheduled for the 1st December 2017. Praslin, you can’t afford to miss out. Come and enjoy the opening of the festive season with us.
For any question, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. John Chitambo, our Head of Music on john.chitambo@iss.sc or call the school on 4610444. Also see attached flyer for more information and ticket reservations.

See you there.