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Big Draw at Eden Art Space

On Saturday 23rd March a group of students from ISS and their art teachers, participated in a, ‘Big Draw’ event at the Eden Art Space sponsored by Arterial Network Seychelles (ANS). This year’s ‘Big Draw’ theme was, ‘Games’ and it was decided to create a giant Snakes and Ladders game board with famous historical and political characters climbing the ladders or sliding down the snakes. Students from ISS as well as students and their teachers from the Independent School and Plaisance School all worked together to bring the, ‘Snakes and LAdders’ board game together and the final result as you can see was a great success!
Each school is going to receive a large scale printed version of the board game, plus we have been given the actual board, as ISS had done most of the preparation work. The size of the work is large at 3 metres by 3 metres, so we will need to find a suitable home for it. In the mean time we are hoping it can go initially on display in a public space for all to see.

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