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Children of the World

This year’s Early Childhood Christmas Show took the audience to an imaginary land of angels, as “Children of the World” celebrated the diversity of International cultures in song and dance.  The colourful and vibrant performance was warmly received by packed audiences during shows on 11th and 12th December.

Gabriel and her angels of Year 2 narrated tales of Christmas customs around the world: Poland (R2M); U.S.A.(R1J); Ireland (1L); Malawi (R2S); China(R1J); Australia (1M); and, last but not least, Seychelles (2L). Gabriel arranged a lucky dip and the countries chosen took turns to appear on stage with their angel messengers.

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 Each class contributed artwork for the backdrops and so thank you to the EC staff and Amalia and Lindie who worked on the scenery so successfully. Many thanks as well to all the parents who helped with the costumes; to the P.T.A. for getting us the stage from Eden Bleu, on which the children of the world performed so well; and to Retha who produced the tickets. Thanks must also go to the maintenance staff who moved all the furniture for us and to Vivian who ensured the microphones were working. Lastly, a big thank you to the Early Childhood staff, who were a wonderful team and ensured it would be ‘all right on the night’.