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Clean up the World week 2019 – planting mangroves

International school students joined with teachers to plant some new mangroves in the wetlands in front of the school. These wetlands play an important role in protecting the coastline as well as trapping sediment and pollutants that would otherwise flow out to sea. All ecosystems are linked and the survival of one depends on the other. Mangroves, seagrass beds and coral reefs are often found together – they are very productive in terms of energy and help to absorb excess Carbon dioxide from the air. Mangroves act as a wave breaker during stormy conditions and protected our school during the Tsunami in 2004. ISS has been growing Red and Yellow Mangrove seeds successfully this year and about 50 were ready for planting. The students were able to clean up some litter as well as planting a new generation of Red Mangrove. These mangroves plants host a wide variety of plants and animals and everyone enjoyed spotting mangrove crabs, mudskippers, herons and getting a bit muddy! Thanks to everyone who participated in this Clean up the world activity.



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