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D of E Start Expedition Prep

Fourteen students, with staff, worked extremely hard for two days on Camp Craft Skills in preparation for their Practice Expedition.

The student activities started with fire safety before building their camp fire and cooking a variety of evening meals that included pasta, sausages and potatoes.  Finishing touches to the routes were completed and rucksacks packed ready for the morning hike.

After a hot evening in tents, the students rose, before the sun, with some groups preparing a cooked breakfast before setting out on their hike at 6:00 am.  The walked from school, up to the Sans Souci pass then off road to complete the Capolia Trail and then return; a journey that took over 5 hours on foot.

I am pleased to say that everyone successfully completed the expedition and the students showed their motivation to complete the arduous task they set themselves.

The students will now start the planning of their Final Assessed Expedition which is planned for March.

A huge congratulations to everyone who took part in the expedition  and a thank you to Mr Cosh, Mrs Rowlands and Mr Tidball  for dedicating part of their weekend to support this award