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Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Graduation Ceremony 2018

On Wednesday 7th February 50 students from years 11 and 13 received their certificates for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award they took part in last year. One part of the award involves the students devoting huge chunks of their time providing a service to their community, learning a new skill and also taking part in a physical activity of their choice. The second part of the award involves the students planning and undertaking a 2 day expedition. During this section they learnt bush-craft, orienteering and map reading skills as they were required to hike for 2 whole days with an overnight stop in between. It was a fantastic to celebrate the remarkable achievement of such a large amount of ISS students who all showed an incredible level of commitment to earn the award. Many thanks to the Principal Secretary and the Duke of Edinburgh award office staff for their support on the day and to our Head Boy, Rahul Rai for delivering a vote of thanks.