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In the Eco school Awards ceremony the International school Seychelles were very proud to be awarded Level 2 of the Eco schools programme which means that we were given an Eco School yellow flag and a prize of 5000 SR for our Primary section of the school. This means we have been rewarded for our achievements this our first year in the Eco school programme. We now need to work even harder to achieve the GREEN FLAG AWARD next year!

We also won third prize in the Primary category on points received for the portfolio submitted and for our participation in national competitions. This means that we have qualified for an educational trip to Aldabra – this may only be one child who will be chosen depending on the environmental work and activities they have been involved in this year.

Parents, staff and students have all contributed to this success and the Eco School Committee would like to thank everyone for the support you have given this year. We couldn’t have achieved so much without such a great team. Keep up the good work in 2020 and please do join the Eco school committee in the new year.



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