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Eco Warriors plant trees around Mahe

Eco Warriors plant trees around Mahe

On World Desertification and Drought day June 17th we were called upon to contribute to land restoration by Minister Joubert to plant 3 trees to every tree we cut. MACCE, The Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment gifted a Bwadnat tree to the International School.

Leah Ah-Time from Year 6 had the privilege of planting the tree and making a speech to mark the occasion. The video of Leah can be viewed on MACCE Facebook page along with the other local Eco-Warriors.

The school also marked this day by planting 10 endemic trees along the coastal periphery of the mangrove swamp. These trees included Porse, Takamaka, Velutier and Bwakasanbordmer and replaced the invasive species that had been removed to continue our regeneration of the mangroves in Mont Fleuri.