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Expedition Aride

 EA1Intrepid ISS Wildlife Club sailed the high sea to the furthest North of the granitic islands. En route we spotted rays, sailfish and many dolphin!
Aride is a paradise for nature lovers and is home to much of our rare endemic flora and fauna.
The adventurers were guided by ranger Juan who pointed out the islands’ treasures which include Seychelles Magpie Robin, Wrights gardenia and skink, bronze geckoes, fairy terns, shearwaters in their burrows, intoxicated blue pigeons, large hermit crabs (one in a coconut shell), Tropic birds, Seychelles fodies and warblers. The tour was topped off at the viewpoint 300 feet up where thousands of greater frigate birds filled the air. Aride became the antithesis of its name as the heavens opened on our descent to the plateau.
Licia Calabreze, island conservation officer then briefed the children on the Magpie Robin situation on the island and thanked them for their generous fundraising for the Recovery programme.
Many thanks to the Manager Uzice Samedi for encouraging the trip and to the island staff for making us feel so welcome. Big thanks also to Mrs Mondon for organizing our transport to Aride.

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