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Global Vision International and ISS

Global Vision International is a marine conservation volunteer programme in Seychelles. Volunteers gain experience on coral reef restoration and recovery as well as other marine projects. ISS students from the primary section of ISS work with volunteers and GVI coordinators for a period of 5-6 weeks. Marine topics are linked to the science curriculum in school. This half term 6E has been learning about the classification of living things mostly working from Port Launay bay with one excursion to the GVI base at Cap Ternay. Students learned a lot about the beach environments that they visited and extended their knowledge in these amazing outdoor classrooms. The excursions included a walk on the mangrove boardwalk and an introduction to the 7 mangrove species at Ephelia hotel and in the Port Launay Ramsar site. Highlights were a climb up to the Port Glaud waterfall where the students encountered a very startled tenrec, a walk along the road to identify plant species and their habitats in the coastal zone and a snorkelling lesson to experience first hand the coral reef and fish at Port Launay. Students were excited to study beach habitats and the flora and fauna on the beach crest and would like to extend their thanks to GVI for their continued input, enthusiasm and knowledge. Outdoor education is an important part of our curriculum and the children gain new skills and experiences from their weekly encounters.

These are some comments from Year 6E pupils about their experiences

Amaya said …….. I enjoy GVI all the time actually! This week was also amazing seeing the mangroves in the Ephelia hotel. The Mangroves were beautiful!

Samaira said ….. I love going to GVI learning about mangroves. We also went to the Port Launay waterfall. It’s very exciting and fun we also learn many things that are worth knowing.

Ashvin said…. I enjoyed learning about the mangrove – it was wonderful. Also when we were going to the waterfall I saw a hedgehog.

Karine said….I enjoyed learning about the animal kingdom. My favourite fact is when amphibians are first born they breathe through gills then develop lungs.

Terron said….. I loved the waterfall, it’s so interesting and fun. I love GVI

Conray said… I really enjoyed doing GVI lessons . I liked the trip to the waterfall and learning about mangroves. I learned that a mangrove acts like a filter and cleans the water.

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