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”Hurry, Hurry Drive the Fire Truck!”

Last week children in Reception 2 went for a fantastic educational visit to Seychelles Fire and Rescue station. They have been busy learning about the important role firefighters play within our community. Whilst at the station we had the opportunity to watch the firefighters’ practice for the upcoming National Day Parade. The excitement continued as we met firefighter Paul who was keen to recruit some new team members! Lucky Thane Confait got the opportunity to put on the uniform and become a real firefighter!

After learning about how brave and courageous the crew are and asking all those burning questions, we had a look at some of the different engines in the station and all the tools and equipment required for the job. The climax of the visit was having the opportunity to squirt the powerful hose and take the obligatory ride in a fire engine! ‘’Hurry, Hurry drive the fire truck’’ was sung throughout the Early Childhood section for the rest of the day!

Many thanks to firefighter Paul for the exhilarating morning.



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