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Inter-Organizations/Schools Choir Festival 2018

ISS is proud to have hosted another spectacular and successful second Inter-Organizations/schools choir festival which took place on the 28th February at ICCS. The festival was the school’s second initiative which aims at bringing all the Seychelles’ communities, musicians of any age together to promote choral and music education in the country. The school Principal, Mr. John Prince, opened the show with an inspiring speech reminding the audience about several benefits of music education stating that “Music is medicine even to the dying soul. Music has a way of finding the big, invisible moving pieces inside our hearts and souls and helping us figure out the position of things inside us. Music has power to unite cultures. It is said “where words fail music speaks”. No matter where you come from music brings us all together. One wise man once said “Music is a vehicle wherein all humankind journeys as one family of brothers and sisters without division and barriers”. We have all gathered as one family of brothers and sisters through music”.

He further informed the audience about the impact music education has made to the school since its introduction. “Since the inception of music education, we have seen tremendous developments in our children. Children have grown to be confident individuals. We have also seen talents manifesting among students. Many ensembles have been formed such as school choir, staff choir , Djembe drumming ensembles, keyboards ensemble and the School Orchestra”.

The Principal Secretary of Arts and Culture, Miss Cecile Kalebi, representing the Minister of Arts and Culture Hon. Larue, also presented an inspiring speech and immediately ISS choir welcomed the audience with a friendly expressive piece “We’ve friends on the left and friends on the right”.

Mr. John Chitambo (Head of Music department) would like to thank all the parents for their continuous support. Many thanks to our invited choirs: Ministry of Health choir, Choral and Music Society of Seychelles choir, Mahe chamber, Independent school, SCAA.
Many thanks also go to our supporting and hardworking school PTA under the leadership of Ms. Nicole. Not forgetting our outstanding Master of ceremony Mr. Keith Martin, for a wonderful job as well as all the staff behind the scenes and front in various roles. Additionally, many thanks also go to the PureFM.

Looking forward to the 2019 episode and hoping to see more choirs including public schools.

Thank you



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